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Our Annualized Returns (vs. S&P of 12% since 2011)*

Chad: 27 – 38%
James: 21 – 5130%**

*,**Please see our disclaimers regarding these results.

Get financially fit by becoming a Fit Pro Financial member.

Learn how to save, manage debt, invest, plan for retirement, and more. Information is tailored to you, the fitness professional.

Fit pros work their tails off, but often don’t have the money to show for it.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you keep the money you earn, and learn to increase your wealth by making your money work for you.

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FinFit Access

Manage all bills & financial accounts from one place, take financial courses, get free financial coaching, access financial calculators, get coupons, and accumulate rewards (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).

Money Talks

Watch videos where Chad & James discuss a variety of financial topics, ranging from the basics to the hottest stocks.


Find out what Chad & James are investing in or trading. Track your own portfolio with our portfolio tracker.

Forums & Live Chat

Discuss finance topics with fellow members as well as Chad & James.

For less than $1/day, get all of the following:

  • Manage all your bills and financial accounts from one place, including checking, savings, and investment/retirement accounts (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).
  • Go through financial courses with Ready University). A variety of topics are covered from budgets to saving to retirement (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).
  • Get free financial coaching through accredited financial counselors (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).
  • Get access to a range of financial calculators to help you with planning (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).

  • Watch video content featuring Chad and James. Videos cover all kinds of financial topics, ranging from the basics of finance to the latest hot stocks and trends in the markets.
  • Find out what Chad & James are investing in or trading. Track your own portfolio using using our portfolio tracker.
  • Live chat with Chad, James, and other FPF members about all sorts of financial topics. Watch James occasionally call out some of his day and swing trades during market hours.
  • Engage with Chad, James, and other FPF members in the Forums. Get your questions answered!
  • Get the best, verified active coupon offers available through the Coupon Vault (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).
  • Through FinFit, accumulate points with your activities and cash them in for merchandise, including gift cards (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only).
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Learn from two people who have proven to make their mone work for them

Annualized Returns*
(vs. S&P of 12% since 2011)
Chad’s Investments27% – 38%
James’s Investments21%
*Please see our disclaimers regarding these results.
James’s Short-Term Trades (average realized gain per position)20%
James’s Day/Swing Trades** (cumulative percentage return since January 2019)25000+%
**Please see our disclaimers regarding these results.

Who Are We?

We’re a couple of respected fitness professionals who are also passionate about finance. We’ve transformed our finances through habits that we’ll teach you.

Chad went from a broke, in-debt personal trainer to having well over $1 million in investments and retirement while erasing his debt.

James went from a credit score in the 500’s to a credit score in the 800’s and is also one of the top 3 stock traders on Kinfo, with over $1 million in trading profits and a 25000+% return over 2 years.

We started Fit Pro Financial to eliminate the scourge of the broke fitness professional. We wanted to teach people the lessons we’ve learned over the years to help them transform their finances.

What Our Members Are Saying

James Krieger and Chad Landers are people in my industry who I both like and respect (thats rarer than it should be). I’ve also taken some tips of theirs over the last couple of years that paid off so I was very excited about this group.

Bottom line, I trust these guys and so I’m really looking forward to learning more from them in a way that I am sure will be applicable right away. If you’re like me, and in the fitness space looking for someone who can help you give a shit about saving money, this is probably a good place to go. – Jeb Stuart Johnson, Coach at Stronger U Nutrition, Founder at Brooklyn Strong

I hope I can keep learning at this rate. I feel like I have learned so much in the last few week here!

– Cullun Watts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it help me with my investments? YES! We have a long history with trading and investing. We will teach you how to make better risk/reward decisions with your long-term investments. You can even learn a bit about shorter term trading (even though long term investing is our primary focus).
  • I’m in a lot of debt. Can Fit Pro Financial help me? YES! We will help you build habits to get you out of the hole you’re in. Plus, you’ll have access to accredited financial advisors through our partner FinFit (part of premium membership available to USA & Canadian residents only).
  • Can Fit Pro Financial help me with retirement? YES! We have episodes of Money Talks dedicated to retirement planning and the options available to fitness professionals (who are often self-employed). Our partner FinFit also has online courses on retirement. We’ve also got a forum dedicated to long-term investing and retirement where you can have discussions with Chad and I, as well as other FPF members.
  • Will Fit Pro Financial make me rich? While we can’t promise that we can make you rich, we can teach you important habits that will help build your wealth.
  • I’m in my 40’s, in debt, and don’t have any retirement. Is it too late for me? NO! Chad was in his 40’s and in the same situation. You can learn from our experiences to help build habits to get to the same place that we are now.
  • Can Fit Pro Financial help me with bills and financial planning? YES! You can track all of your finances through our partner FinFit (part of premium membership; available in USA & Canada only). You can create budgets and categorize all of your expenses. You can even save money by using coupons from the Coupon Vault.
  • Can I follow your investments? YES! With FitFolio, you can see what Chad and I are invested in. You can even track your own portfolio with our portfolio tracker.
  • What’s the difference between the standard and premium membership? The premium membership includes FinFit access. Here you can manage all bills & financial accounts from one place, take financial courses, get free financial coaching, access financial calculators, get coupons, and accumulate rewards. However, FinFit is only available to individuals in North America. Thus, we also have the standard membership which includes everything except FinFit access.
  • Is this a day trading site? No. While James is a day trader, and will occasionally talk about day trading in our chat room and forums, our main focus is long-term investing. Day trading is very difficult and takes years to master. However, you can always pick James’s brain about it if you’re interested, and we do have a separate forum for day trading related discussions. James uses his day trading experience to teach you more about the markets and to help you make better risk/reward decisions.
  • Can I interact with you and other members? YES! We have forums and also a live chat room.
  • What if I don’t like it? If you don’t like the service, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. You’ll continue to have access to the membership site up until the end of your billing period.

Being from the banking industry I was fortunate enough to learn about financial literacy pretty early. Unfortunately, most aren’t in that situation, especially in the field of fitness and Chad & James answered that call by creating Fitpro Financial. It helps people learn the basics all the way to advanced financial topics and it’s something I think everyone in our field should be checking out. We talk so much about long-term health goals in our clients but we overlook those same habits and tactics when it comes to our financial health. That needs to stop! – Mike Doehla, CEO, Stronger U

I’ve known Chad and James for years in the industry and have seen them operate their businesses with success. Beyond that, I’ve been privy to discussions and advice with them regarding finance. Chad has had steady and continued success in one of most competitive locations in the world. James is insanely skilled with research and numbers. They each overlap in talents. The two combined? I can’t imagine a more approachable yet knowledgeable union.

The site is simple to use and most importantly, it’s transparent. I especially like seeing the details and knowledge of each individuals personal finance positions. You literally see their investments. If nothing else, you can use them for stock tips.

I have no doubt they will help other fitness professionals secure a better financial future for themselves. – Leigh Peele, Author & Trainer

Fitness professionals are notorious for not understanding the business side of their profession. Often times, that goes right along with a lack of understanding of how to invest and grow their personal finances. In 2020, my then 19-year-old son, was talking on the phone with one of his friends about his “portfolio” of investments. This made me laugh because the words, “my portfolio” would never have come out of my mouth or anyone I knew when I was his age. We were never taught anything about money other than how to balance a checkbook. For the most part, it’s still not taught and it’s rare that a fitness professional ever finds him or herself in living their best life and being able to retire when they want. That’s why I’m excited to recommend Fit Pro Financial. Both founders, Chad Landers and James Krieger, are fitness professionals that have also become specialists in finance. They understand where you are and the challenges that you face. Fit Pro Financial is about educating other fitness professionals so they stay in the fitness industry and retire in comfort. I think their mantra sums it up, “Eliminating the scourge of the broke fitness professional.” – Mark A. Nutting, Owner of Jiva Fitness, Founder of Fitness Business Specialist, and Author of The Business of Personal Training 

Chad and James are two of the most stand-up guys in the fitness industry, with brains to match their integrity. Too many fitness professionals overlook their finances; this is bad for them, their loved ones, and our industry as a whole. This is a badly needed resource for trainers who are looking to create real freedom in their lives! – Mark Fisher, Founder, Mark Fisher Fitness

This site is pretty badass … a lot of trainers are going to need this – Robert Linkul, MS, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D, FNSCA, TOA

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“My portfolio has increased by 13% just being on their email list. Can’t spell coincidence without coin.”

Leigh Peele – North Carolina

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*Past returns may not be indicative of future results. You may not be able to achieve similar returns. Investing and trading involve risk and you may lose some or all of your investment. Invest and trade at your own risk. While we may discuss the investments and trades that we make, we are not investment advisors and do not make buy/sell recommendations. Please see our terms of service for more information.
**Day trading involves significant risk. Stats show that 90-95% of people who try it fail and lose money. James has over a decade of day-trading experience, and it is unlikely you would be profitable without years of practice and time investment. Day trading is not the main focus of Fit Pro Financial, although members can discuss day trading concepts with James. James’s day trading returns are shown as evidence of his knowledge of markets and how he uses that knowledge to make his money work for him. Please see our terms of service for more information.