Today’s FPF Investments

Hey, FPF followers, this is James, the nerdier and less handsome half of Fit Pro Financial. I wanted to let you know of some of the investments I made today in my general Vanguard long-term investment account (not my trading accounts). These aren’t buy/sell recommendations. These just outline my general thought process regarding investing. I treat my long-term investing similar to my stock trading in that I have a rationale behind why I’m making an investment or trade. And that rationale isn’t something like, “because it’s cheap!” Sometimes stocks can be cheap for very good reasons (i.e., the company is failing), no matter how expensive it was in the past. Remember, Washington Mutual was a cheap stock that only got cheaper until they went into receivership. A lot of investors get burned when they buy stocks simply because they look cheap.

I think very carefully about not only long-term potential and upside, but also the risk involved.

Here’s what I bought today:

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